About Us
E-signatures are gaining popularity as a way to streamline business processes and reduce paper waste. They are particularly useful in industries where multiple parties need to sign off on documents, such as real estate, finance, and law.

This is convenient for both parties involved in a transaction, as it eliminates the need for paper documents and the hassle of mailing them back and forth. Additionally, e-signatures are legally binding in many countries, so they can be used to sign contracts and other essential documents.

Critics of e-signatures argue that they are less secure than traditional signatures, as they can be easily copied and pasted. They also argue that e-signatures can be fraudulently obtained, for example, by phishing scams.

We are e-signature and e-document enthusiasts who want to make this world cleaner and work faster. So we created this blog to summarize the most important information about electronic and digital signatures to help people understand all the legal and security aspects and build a community that shares our views.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our readers with accurate and up-to-date information about electronic signatures.

From how to create one and how to use one, to the legalities and compliance surrounding them — we'll cover it all!

We dream about a world where all the document workflow is electronic, so our goal is to destroy all the myths about the e-sign and make you fall in love with it just as we are.