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Expert Tips on How to Sign a PDF Online in 2022

Printing out, signing, and scanning a physical paper before emailing it further sounds like too much bother. There is an easier way to sign a PDF document with a legally binding signature today. This post will tell you all about how to sign a PDF online with just a few clicks and save yourself tons of time.

Sign a PDF Online

How to Sign a PDF Online?

If you find yourself in need to electronically sign PDF documents, Create eSignature is the one PDF signature online service you can completely trust. This friendly free online PDF signer tool will do a great job of helping you streamline your document-signing process. Below is a quick instruction on how to add a signature to PDF contracts using Create eSignature.

Step 1. On the main page of the website, pick the Sign PDF option.
Step 2. Upload the PDF file you want to e-sign.
Step 3. Locate the place on the PDF document where a signature is required.
Step 4. Select one of the four available options to make an electronic signature on a PDF file – Type Name, Draw Signature, Capture with Camera, or Upload Signature.
Step 5. Once the document has been successfully signed, press “Done” and save the electronically autographed PDF file for future use.

As suggested by its name, you can also use the service for free to create electronic signatures in JPG and PNG formats. Having one will facilitate your document-signing process, allowing the authorization of e-documents both online and offline.

Which Documents Can You Sign Electronically?

An e-signature is a piece of electronic data that comes in the form of an e-sound, e-symbol, or e-process, tied up to or logically bound with a document, such as a contract, and used by the person whose intention is to sign the mentioned document. Most of the time, the e-signature a person uses to e-sign a PDF file looks like their pen-and-ink signature.

Now, back to the question of which documents can use an e-signature. Since both e-signatures and handwritten ones have the same legally binding capacity, on most occasions, they can be used to sign the same documents. However, traditional pen-and-ink signatures are still required when it comes to authorizing the following records:

  • Wills, codicils, testamentary trusts.
  • Divorce and adoption papers.
  • Notices of eviction/termination/repossessions/foreclosure/product recall.
  • Accompanying papers for transportation of hazardous materials.

PDF Signing Tool


Find out more about when and how to digitally sign a PDF or other type of document by reading the information contained in the FAQ section below:

Is it legal to sign a PDF document electronically?

A properly executed electronic signature performed on a PDF document that is allowed for e-signing by the person who has the right to e-sign is considered legal, valid, and having the power of enforceability.

What is the most convenient way to sign a PDF?

Reliable and secure online services like Create eSignature are helpful when you need to write a signature on PDF documents.

What are electronic signature requirements?

E-signatures must contain elements that adequately prove the identity of the signer and their intent to sign the document, as well as guarantee its security.

How do I sign a PDF document offline?

The Create eSignature service allows signing an electronic PDF document online and creating a JPG or PNG e-signature that can be applied offline.

Is it better to sign documents online or offline?

Online signing is considered a safer way to sign a document as it gives you extra proof of the signature’s validity.

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