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Step-by-Step Guide on How to Create an Electronic Signature

There are a few options for you on how to do an electronic signature, and it is up to you which one to choose. Each of them requires only a few seconds, and your account will store them for future use. Just get an electronic signature and discover its benefits.

Create E-Signature

How Do I Create an Electronic Signature

Use any of the four available options to create an e-signature:

  • Make an electronic signature with your finger or a stylus. With a touchscreen, you can get an electronic signature in the document.
  • Make an image of your signature on the paper and unload it in your account. It will be immediately converted into PNG format, which can be easily applied to documents that require a signature.
  • Make an electronic signature with a cursor. Both mouse and touchpad can be used to create an online signature.
  • Create an e-signature with your keyboard. This approach implies typing your name and selecting the font most suitable for your signature.

Below is a detailed instruction on how to create an electronic signature.

  • Go to the homepage and click Create Signature.
  • Now click Draw Signature.
  • Use a mouse or a touchpad to create a digital signature.
  • Click the Save button.
  • Choose Download Your Signature.
  • The signature will be saved in PNG format.

Keep in mind that after you’re done making electronic signatures, they can then be turned into PDF format from PNG one. Moreover, if desired, you can use the Sign PDF Online service.

Create Sign Online

How Should I Use the Created Signature

There are two common options for using digital signatures:

Add signature to a Word document:

  • Open your Microsoft Word document and click the part of the paper where e-signature is required.
  • Then select the Insert tab and click Signature Line in the Text. You will see a Signature Setup pop-up box, where you should enter your information and click OK.

Add signature to a PDF document:

The instructions on how to add a signature to a PDF are as follows:

  • Open the Sign PDF tool;
  • Upload your PDF file;
  • Use the Add Sign tool to upload the signature you created or make a new one.
  • Click the Done button to save your signed PDF.

Are Electronic Signatures Legal

Electronic signatures are as legal as common handwritten signatures in the document. These advanced digital signatures are under legal protection, and, therefore, their validity is secured by international law. It is widely used in the USA, Australia, and many EU countries. In addition, there are special security measures that protect your electronic signature from illegal use and any alterations in it.

Digital signatures are also subject to a non-repudiation property. Thus, these advanced signatures are strongly protected by various means, which guarantees their validity and the highest possible safety.

Create Signature

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are several questions you might find useful to know more about the specifics of an e-signature.

Is it safe to create an electronic signature online?

Yes, it is safe. All information will be encrypted and available exclusively to the user who creates the signature.

Can I sign a PDF document using this service?

Of course. Electronic signatures can be used not only in Word documents but also in PDF files. Above, you can find useful instructions on how to add a signature to a PDF.

Should my electronic and handwritten signatures match?

No, electronic and handwritten signatures can look differently, for example, when you create an e-signature with a keyboard, it cannot be identical with the handwritten one. Nonetheless, both these signatures have the same legal effect.

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